Protect Your Website from Cybercriminals

Protect Your Website from Cybercriminals

Here are three of the most effective ways to protect your website from cybercriminals.

Adopt SSL Certificates

Google recently marked all sites that haven’t adopted HTTPS as “Not Secure.” A non-secure site is one that is missing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification. Installing an SSL will ensure that all data transmitted from and to your website is secure. Your website will be displayed with a green security padlock and the word “Secure” in the address bar of the browser. If your website does not have an SSL certificate, contact Lifestyles Media Group, LLC. today at (480) 970-6888 to have one installed. Other advantages of SSL certificates include a boost in rankings and increased traffic to your site.

Install Reputable Plugins

At last count, there were more than 56,000 plugins available for download in the official WordPress directory. That is an incredible selection of free plugins! These can be used to extend the functionality of your site. However, some plugins may pose a security risk, which makes evaluating whether a plugin is safe to install vital to protect your website from cybercriminals. At Lifestyles Media Group, we evaluate all plugins for vulnerabilities before installing, as well as download updates as they are made available. Plugins that have been abandoned are either not used or removed.

Use a Secure Password for Each Site You Visit

A secure password includes a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Aim for 13+ characters. It should not include any dictionary words or personal information (no birth dates!) A secure password is also one that has been created for that site only; don’t reuse passwords. Experts recommend changing your passwords once or twice a year and using two-factor authentication where available. It is also important to securely store passwords. You can use a service, like LastPass, which provides an encrypted ‘vault.’

Lifestyles Media Group, LLC., takes the security of your websites very seriously, which means we’re committed to protecting it against cybercriminals. We only install reputable plugins, use strong passwords, and strongly encourage our clients to adopt SSL certificates. Contact us today at (480) 970-6888 or

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