Save on LMG Marketing Programs Today!

We want to thank our clients who have sent over Halloween promotions. We will start all promotions on October 19th and run them for two weeks. It’s a smart time for your company to put a promotion together.

More and more of your customers will be going to their computers to begin holiday shopping and to view online promotions. Large companies like Amazon have Prime Days, Apple releases new iPhones, and Walmart’s new home delivery program will keep people searching the web for the best possible deals.

It’s a great time to promote your company during the upcoming holiday season with a marketing promotion, special offer, discount, or update to show clients and customers a forward-thinking approach.

The new normal is to order online and the new normal is to engage your customers with marketing promotions and discounts. Please consider what you would like to do and let Lifestyles Media Group help you.

You can contact us at (480) 970-6888 or email Don’t wait until the last minute. We are here to help you! 

For a limited time, Lifestyles Media Group, LLC. is offering a 20% discount for any marketing program for the holidays — this discount is being offered October 19th – 23rd only, so don’t delay.

There are only: 17 days until Halloween, 43 days until Thanksgiving, 72 days until Christmas, and 78 days until we ring in a New Year. Is your business ready for the holidays?

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