Spam Questions?

Are You a Victim of Contact Form Spam?

Here are some red flags:

  • The information filled out is unrelated to anything on your website
  • The number or email submitted appears fake
  • It seems like blackmail or ransom
  • It sounds like a sales pitch
  • It is in a foreign language
  • It includes a URL link

How Contact Form Spam is Hurting You

  • Clicking on links may allow them to hack your website or cause software viruses
  • It is using up all your contact form submissions if you are on a paid or free plan
  • It makes it harder to sort through what is spam and what is a lead or interested consumer
  • If these spammy comments are somehow visible to the public, it may hurt your brand or website’s reputation

Lifestyles Media Group Can Help

Lifestyles Media Group is here to provide ways to combat Contact Form Spam and make your life a little easier. Contact us today at (480) 970-6888 or for more information.

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