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Fend Off Frightening Spam Emails this Spooky Season

It is officially Autumn, marking the return of cozy sweater weather and colorful fall foliage, along with pumpkin spice and seasonal activities. This time of year also marks the beginning of Spooky Season, allowing many to plan their Halloween costumes and decorations for an upcoming evening of chills, which have nothing to do with the weather.

However, Spooky Season also brings another frightening experience, phishing, and other forms of harmful emails. According to Cisco Talos, the average daily spam volume in September was 88.88 billion, accounting for 84.14% of the global email volume. In addition, Google reports blocking more than 100 million harmful emails each day, protecting their Gmail users.

Even if it were not Spooky Season, these statistics are incredibly chilling, as they highlight the prevalence of spam emails. Not only that, but they are cause for concern rather than a mere annoyance, as the emails are often designed to look like they are from a reputable company or website when they are really from a scammer.

The scammer’s goal is to get you to click on a link, open an attachment, or download something so that they can either gather personally identifiable information or execute a malicious code. Both of which can have significant consequences, which is why at Lifestyles Media Group – a digital marketing services firm, we are committed to protecting our clients from security threats.

Ways to Avoid Spam Email Tricks

Experience the fun of Spooky Season without the fear of your personal or account information being potentially compromised, with the following tips for reducing spam emails and avoiding unpleasant tricks.

Also, if you are unsure about an email, please feel free to contact RJ at (480) 970-6888 or Jim at (623) 341-6327 or

  • Consult LMG about advanced security options for your website or email
  • Do not open any attachments, click on any links, or download any files
  • Do not respond to requests for personal or account information
  • Turn off read receipts and other automatic replies
  • Never reply or unsubscribe to a spam email
  • Avoid forwarding spam email messages
  • Use multi-factor authentication 
  • Routinely back up your data
  • Report suspicious emails

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With over 25 years of experience Lifestyles Media Group, LLC. is committed to partnering with you in the fight against email spam and ensuring a good user experience for your website traffic. Our company specializes in a suite of digital marketing services to help you gain a competitive edge in today’s advanced technological world.

The digital marketing services we specialize in include but are not limited to:

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