Instagram for Your Business

There are more than one billion monthly active users on Instagram. Of those, 500 million users scroll through their feed and watch Insta Stories, daily. Is your business or association one of them?

Instagram, like Facebook and Twitter, offers excellent opportunities for building brand awareness. Sharing authentic, not stock, business photos and videos with your followers on the platform is essential.

We now offer video production services to assist with your marketing.

You can easily share service and product photos, along with a caption, to create engagement with your followers. You can also benefit from paid advertising using various tools available through the platform.

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Instagram in the News

In response to the widespread threat of phishing scams, Instagram introduced a new feature on October 7, allowing users to identify fraudulent emails. If the social media giant sends you an email, it will also be available in-app under settings. You will also need to click on security and then “Emails from Instagram.”

According to a recent Tweet:

“Heads up: Today, we’re launching a new feature to help people identify phishing emails claiming to be from Instagram. This account security feature (accessed through Settings) allows anyone to check if an email claiming to be from [us] is genuine.”

“Emails from Instagram” is broken into two categories – “security” and “other.” Both provide a list of official emails that you may have received within the past 14 days. The difference is that “security” is related to security and login, while “other” is related to other communications, such as confirming your email.

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