Only Two Weeks to Go!

Holiday Promotions and Hours

The National Retail Federation expects holiday sales to increase by as much as 5.2 percent over 2019, culminating in a total between $755.3 and $766.7 billion.

The NRF also expects that online sales will increase between 20 and 30 percent. Realize an increase in sales this holiday season by contacting Lifestyles Media Group, LLC. at (480) 970-6888 or

Given that the holidays already began, the time is now to send Lifestyles Media Group, LLC. your holiday promotions and special hours so that we can share them with your target audience on your website and social media.

Stay Safe this Holiday Season

As more people choose to have their packages delivered, consumers have reported receiving text messages claiming to be from a major delivery company. These ask them to click on a link to “update delivery preferences.” That link, warns the Better Business Bureau, is a way for scammers to download malware or steal information.

Tips for avoiding delivery scams:

  • Purchase shipping insurance
  • Frequently track your packages
  • Allow delivery notifications on your phone
  • Never click on links in texts or emails; visit the carrier’s website

Another type of scam involves virtual holiday shopping events. According to the Better Business Bureau, scammers are creating fake or duplicate events with the intent of stealing your credit card information. Stay safe by researching vendors and the host, visiting the event’s website for event-related details, and keeping receipts.

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